Digbeth Dining Club 13/3/15

We had been looking forward to this week’s DDC since the previous Friday and I just couldn’t wait. This time, we started with a steamed bun from Canoodle, served with pork, vegetables and sauce with sesame seeds. I’d never tried steamed buns before, so I was taking his word for it ordering this – I am so glad I did. The pork was perfectly cooked and the sauce worked amazingly with the steamed bun. We demolished the portion in just a few minutes and spent the rest of the evening eyeing up the stall, trying to work out whether we should get another.

Pork steamed bun

Next up was a chicken kebab pitta from Street Souvlaki, served in a pitta with tahini. He hadn’t tried tahini before so this time he had to take my word for it, and he’s now definitely a fan. The chicken was cooked so well and I could have kept eating it forever. Also, one of the owners was really cheerful and cute and asked us after we’d finished eating if we liked it.

Chicken kebab pitta

We then decided to get a stone fired sourdough meat pizza from Spectacular Goat which was an excellent decision of ours (The reason that a slice in missing in the photo is because immediately after collecting the pizza, I dropped a slice. Typical. I was utterly devastated.) The pizza was really tasty and moreish and even had enough meat to please our friend who is “a self confessed carnivore”. Despite being really full, we decided to push through it and followed the pizza with even more meat – a pulled pork burger in a brioche bun from Low ‘N’ Slow. I’m a great believer in the fact that all you need to be happy is pulled pork and lots of it, so this was right up my street. The pork had been smoked for around 18 hours and it was definitely worth every second of it.


Of course, the only way to end a visit to DDC is with dessert, which this week came in the form of a chocolate pancake from Platinum Pancakes. The pancakes made in right in front of you were just the right way to end the night and we all know you can never go wrong with chocolate!



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