Digbeth Dining Club 6/3/15

Our first Digbeth Dining Club visit started out slow with JFC (japanese fried chicken)/chicken karaage from Umami’s;  a crispy deep fried chicken full of flavour topped with mayo and a bit of lemon juice, because every meal should start with chicken.


Next to balance out the inevitable amount of meat we’d consume, we chose to pay a visit to the Vegan Grindhouse and got a ‘Mac and Me’, a vegan macaroni and cheese served cold with a side of greens, the perfect way to balance out our meat quota.


Next we hit Low and Slow, getting a half rack of ribs to share which were divine with no meat left after we’d finished with them.


Next was an absolute highlight of the night, a Caribbean chickpea curry served on top of sweet chilli potatoes in a fried dumpling bowl (which is an absolute genius way to serve food, why isn’t this standard?) from Esmie’s which was scrumptious and really didn’t last long.


To finish off the night we visited the adorable Bournville Waffle Co. caravan and got a rocky road waffle and a millionaires shortbread waffle with salted caramel sauce which were both exactly what we needed.

An absolutely amazing week to attend Digbeth for the first time (after getting lost several times along the way!) and something we’re definitely going to carry on doing.


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