Brindley Place Handmade Burger Co.

We quite often walk along the canal into the city centre, and since we’d recently tried the Handmade Burger Co. in the Bullring for my birthday so we decided to pay the one in Brindley Place a visit. We’d walked past it loads of times and it always looked cute (plus this branch is a quieter than the one in the Bullring!)

This time I ordered Italian chicken with extra cheese and he ordered cajun chicken. We also decided to get a side of fries and cajun mayo dip. The Italian chicken was amazing, served with chorizo and red pesto, which are always a guaranteed hit with me! The Cajun chicken was a definite success – especially considering he ordered it the next three times!

Cajun chicken (left) and italian chicken (right)

Despite already being ridiculously full, we decided to get a sharing strawberry cheesecake sundae. We underestimated two things:

  1. Quite how large the sundae actually was – we have large appetites and even we were struggling to finish it! (to compare, I’ve included the photo of the single banoffee sundae I ordered on my birthday)
  2.  How fast we were able to finish it – somehow we managed to finish it within 11 minutes, which I am in equal parts impressed and a tad ashamed of.
The sharing sundae – with a glass for scale
11 minutes later…
The single banoffee sundae for comparison

As we were leaving I noticed a Valentine’s Day offer running 9-15th of February – rather tempted to go back, I just have to get over my dislike for Valentine’s Day first!


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